Phoneomena is the leading mobile software company in education with applications targeted to college students as well as university staff and administration. About 70% of college students own mobile phones. For those students, Phoneomena is pioneering the concept of the Campus Application Bundle (PhoneCAB™), which is a collection of convenience applications designed especially for the college lifestyle. The campus bundle integrates a campus bus monitor, parking lot advisor, three- button meal ordering application (Push-to-Eat™) and mobile access to student information systems (to look up grades, schedules, pay tuition and order transcripts). PhoneCAB™ also includes a campus map navigator (MAPit™) and a peer-to-peer student identity exchange (NiceMeetingU™). The bundle also includes content-oriented applications such as a multi-language dictionary (PhoneDict ™).

The PhoneCAB™ Partners Program

If you are a J2ME developer or a content provider looking for a wider exposure to your application, PhoneCAB™ can help you achieve your goal. Through the PhoneCAB™ Partners Program, your application will be evaluated and if approved, will be bundled into the PhoneCAB™ service. We are looking for partners who can add value to the PhoneCAB™ bundle in return for reaching the PhoneCAB™ customers. Email your application or service proposal to